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Your programs are just a few keystrokes away.

Engage gives you fast and easy access to all your programs through the Programs group.  Just press start on your keyboard.

Main Programs
All of your main programs are shown in alphabetical order. Items that are rarely used do not show up here.  (For example, shortcuts to help files, or uninstall.)  Of course, all of these items are still easily accessible by moving the cursor over the item or pressing the right arrow key, which shows all associated items.

Associated Items
Associated items are all the items that are in the same folder in the start menu, but are rarely used. This keeps the Main Programs list “clean” and makes things easier to find.

Start Menu

Original start menu.


New, organized start menu.

Uncategorized Items
Engage organizes programs with the help of a database that other Engage users have helped create.  If you have programs that show up in the Uncategorized group, either they are not in the database or they not installed in their default locations. (You can read more here). Special discounts are available to team members who contribute to the database.

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