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Automatically organized programs.

Program Groups
Engage automatically organizes your programs into groups such as “Office & Productivity” or “Games”.


Groups are further broken down into categories (called “Tags”) such as “Strategy” or “Card Games”.

Categories (tags) and groups.
Add or Edit Groups or Tags

Customizing Groups and Tags

There are two type of categorization information used by Engage.

The first is the Team Database.  This is the public database used by all Engage users. If you want to modify this database, you need to join the team. More.

The second database is a personal database that you can organize any way you want to.  Start by creating your own group(s).  Then create your own tags for each group to organize things the way you want them. This is the default database and you don't have to do anything special to start using it.

You can also “remove” the default groups and tags by hiding them.  More.

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