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Press start.


Type a few letters.


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Launch programs fast!

Fast & Easy Access to:


  • Programs - Can be accessed by name or type, and are displayed using the “large” icons to help you find them more easily.
  • Search engines - Use the predefined searches to quickly find what you are looking for, or easily create your own custom searches.
  • Web sites - Simple and fast way to go to a site.  No need to type “http”, “www” or even “.com”. And once you’ve been to a site, you only need to type a few letters to get to it the next time.
  • Documents - Quick access to anything in “My Documents”.
  • Favorites/Bookmarks - Access all your favorites or bookmarks from multiple browsers in one place.
  • Fast Launch - Keep your most used programs readily available with automatically assigned shortcuts.
  • Shutdown - Access all options from one dialog. (Shutdown, Restart, Stand-by, Hibernate, Log Off or Switch User)
  • Your Start Menu Yes! You can still access your existing Start Menu, even while Engage is active.  And don't worry, Engage does not modify your existing Start Menu.  You can go back to using to using the default Start Menu anytime. (But, you won’t want to!)

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