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Engage organizes programs with the help of a database that our users (called Team Engage) have helped create.

If you would like to help out, you can qualify for a special discount offer: 30% off a Single or Family License or 50%  off a Friends & Family License* or the Small Business license. (*The Friends & Family license includes 3 Family licenses, which each includes a license for up to 5 computers in one household.)

You can use the fully functional trial version of Engage to get started. Your promotion code will be sent to you via email once the information has been checked by the team.

Please note: Once you have joined the team, you will receive an access code.  This is not you license key.  The access code enables you to submit information to the Team Database.  Your promotion code will be sent after you have contributed to the database.  (This a manual process and may take up to a week to receive your promotion code after you have started tagging programs.)

Important! To qualify for this special offer, you must join the team, read the instructions & guidelines, and “tag” any uncategorized programs on your computer. This process will normally take between 20 to 60 minutes.


  1. Download and Install Engage.
  2. Join the Team.
  3. Read the instructions in the Help file.
  4. Tag your programs

If you need help, please complete steps 1-3 and then contact support to request a “Live Help Session” in which we will use remote assistance software to help answer any questions.


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